My new adventure.

I have started almost started a project. I'm a graduate student at University of Wisconsin - River Falls and am finally to the point of my graduate career where I get to work on a big final studio project/research paper. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I have decided to focus on the topic of documentary photography, in particular how it relates to communities. At this risk of sounding like a complete photo nerd I am totally interested in the research I have done so far using this gigantic stack of books:


And...don't get me wrong, by 'the research I have done so far' I literally mean the 14 pages I have read in one of these monstrous books. Regardless - I think this paper will actually be somewhat fun to write because I'm totally fascinated by the topic. (Did I really just type that?).

In addition to the research paper, I will be doing my own documentary photography project on local farming. Why the topic of local farms, you ask? Good question.

1. I am interested in all the buzz that there has been in recent years about 'buying local' and 'eating local'. I agree that it's an important concept and I want to know more about the hype.
2. I really like food. Especially fresh food. I want to know more about where my food comes from on a local level.
3. I think farming is a visually interesting topic. Let's remember that my all time favorite photographer is Dorothea Lange who took gazillions of pictures of farming for the FSA during The Great Depression. Farming has sustained our country for hundreds of years and I want to visually tell the story of what is happening currently and locally.

So...let the adventure begin. My first stop will be Future Farm Food and Fuel in Baldwin, WI where they farm using aquaponics. Check back for pictures soon!