A good cause.

I visited Sunbeam Boys Home for the first time on a college trip examining social justice in 2003. As soon as I got back, I couldn't stop thinking about the people I met...and I haven't stopped thinking about them since. I have been lucky enough to return to Sunbeam several times since my first visit (and take plenty of pictures, of course!) Click here, here, and here to see pictures and read about my past trips.

I haven't been able to visit Sunbeam for a few years, but I am a part of the American board of directors. Recently, I helped to create a list of Christmas gift ideas for Sunbeam. I've posted the list of gifts and the order form along with gift tags below. If you're interested, you can select an item and donate money for it to Sunbeam as a gift for someone in your life.

And, join Sunbeam on facebook here.

Happy Christmas shopping!