The VandeZandes

Remember when the leaves were colorful?  That seems like awhile ago, huh?'s a good thing it took me incredibly long to post these photos so that we can enjoy the colors once again.  (I guess when you're related to me you have to be extra patient for me to get things done!)

These photos are of the fabulous VandeZande family...a.k.a my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and my adorable-i-could-take-photos-of-him-all-day nephew, Jonah. We spent a weekend together in Platteville, WI at the end of October and I had the distinct privilege of busting out my camera to capture these three and the lovely leaves that surrounded us.  As an 18-month-old, Jonah prides himself on keeping all adults within a 10 mile radius chasing after him at all times.  Some days, I would pay a lot of money for even an ounce of the energy this little guy has. 

Thanks for the fun photo shoot, VandeZandes!