ORGANIC: A Photographer's Journey Through Documenting, Learning and Teaching

Just in case you missed it, I thought I would post the photos from my recent art show. The show is taken down and I have officially graduated with my master's degree (hooray!). I had a couple of friends who requested the opportunity to view the show online since they couldn't make it (apparently Florida was too far away to come...whatever.)

First, my artist statement (Sidenote: you are not allowed to find any typos as this statement has been published in my official paper and was hanging up with the show for the last month. Thank you.):

If I could, I would eat, sleep, and breathe photography. I fell in love with the medium while taking a film photography class as a sophomore in college. The smell of the darkroom, the anticipation of waiting for a roll of film to develop to see my images for the first time, the magic of watching pictures appear on paper while soaking in developing chemicals: all of these things were exhilarating for me. As I was learning the process of film photography, digital technology was growing at a rapid pace. Before I graduated from college I was working primarily with digital cameras and editing in Photoshop, a new process that I found just as intoxicating.

Although my artistic interests span many subjects, photography is my true love. Through my business, Paper Lemon Photography, I am blessed with the opportunity to make images of people, my favorite subject. Whenever possible, I incorporate digital photography into my art classroom, teaching my students the technique of creating photographs. As an art education graduate student, I wanted the opportunity to sharpen my own photography skills and explore new possibilities of how to best teach my students.

Organic: a Photographer’s Journey Through Documenting, Learning, and Teaching is the study I completed for my Master’s thesis project. The project started as a way for me to take pictures of places and people outside of my normal photography realm of weddings, senior pictures, and family portraits, but it became much more. It reinvented my love for all aspects of photography and allowed me to re-think the essentials of teaching it to my students. The process challenged me to discover new ways to document moments in time in a meaningful, informative, and artistic way.

The farmers I met are passionate about their trade. I witnessed the long hours they put into their work: rising with the sun to plant, weed, and water. I observed the thoughtfulness that goes into planning the layout of vegetable beds, harvesting the best of their produce, and washing and packaging their goods with utmost care. From the beginning to the end of the season, they work with tenacious dedication and I was inspired to follow suit while I showcased their work through my photography. Above all, it is my hope that viewers of this project will see the beauty, devotion, joy, and downright hard work that goes into organic farming and walk away as a more informed citizen of our community and world.

And now the show:



And, because I know you're dying to read it, you can find my entire 60+ page paper online here. It's fascinating...really. You'll most likely see it on the New York Times best seller list soon.

Also, all of these photos are for sale if you're interested. I currently have about a dozen left waiting for a good home. They are 11"x14" prints in a 16"x20" black frame. $35 each...shipping included.