This and That.

We have been busy around here lately.  What is it about spring that gets so crazy?  Here are some photos documenting a little bit of everything...

Between revamping my website and a teething baby who doesn't sleep at night, I may be keeping Caribou in business these days.  What would I do without coffee??

I have a love hate relationship with yardwork.  Usually my enthusiasm for weeding takes a dive by mid-July or so.  But, here's to a strong start for our gardening season!

The child-proofing in our house has started.  As a result, the cats got their very own door leading to their litter box in the basement.  This was a traumatic experience for everybody.

Knitting + oatmeal blueberry muffins.  I'm not convinced that it gets any better than that.

And, finally: Nora's playgroup.  Aren't they cute?