Four Generations.

Now that Nora is here, my family is four generations deep.  My grandma, mom, me, and Nora make up four generations of ladies representing the Amundson, Phillips, Engstrom, and Otte families.  That covers over 80 years of time and a whole lot of history and perspective.  Kind of cool, don't you think?  So, when we gathered to celebrate Father's day last weekend, I roped my husband Brandon into taking some photos of us. (Thanks for letting me boss you around from in front of the camera, hubby!) 

Here's to a rich history of women with many more generations to come!

While we were together, we also had an impromptu photo shoot of my aunt, uncle and cousins:::

Nora loves my cousins Krista and Sarah. (And I get a little sentimental when looking at these photos because I have such clear memories of playing with these two when they were babies.  The circle of life...)