Noah Quentin {10 days old}

I am thrilled that I got to be among the first to photograph little Noah Quentin.

Dana and Susie, Noah's parents, have known my husband and I for awhile now.  We all met before any of us were married, or even dating, so I get a little sentimental when I think back on the various life stages we've been through together.  In fact, Dana was along for the weekend trip where I met my in-laws for the first time ever and, my husband accidentally speed dialed him instead of my mom (also named Dana) when I was in labor last fall.  Susie, a brilliant accountant, has given me tax advice more than once (I don't know what my number-phobic brain would do without her in my life!).  So, whether they like it or not, Dana and Susie have become good friends of ours - what fun to be in another exciting life stage [parenthood!] with them. 

Oh, and Noah Quentin is nothing but adorable.  I even got to hold him for a little while during the photo shoot.  His cute little newborn self almost made me feel ready for another baby. (Don't worry, Mom, I said almost.) 

Welcome to the world, Noah Quentin!