Parker {1 year old.}

Parker has become one of my daughter's buddies over the past year.  We see Parker and his mom (also a photographer!) on a regular basis for play dates.  And, he just turned ONE!  (That's a big deal.) I am continually amazed at how much changes in the first 12 months of a person's life: babies go from teeny helpless newborns to little people on the move with opinions about the world around them so fast.  Parker is precious, and despite the fact that he would've rather been doing something else than having his picture taken, we got plenty of shots where his adorable personality shines through.

Happy 1st Birthday, Parker! [Here's to a great 2nd year of life!]

Given the choice between looking at me, or this crate, Parker often chose the crate.

I think Parker thought if he started plugging his ears, his mom and I would stop trying to get him to smile.  He was wrong.