One Year.

One year ago today, I was doing this.  And now I'm celebrating the first birthday of my lovely daughter Nora.  I have probably said this about 3,000 times since becoming a mom, but I am absolutely amazed at all of the changes that happen to a baby within their first year of life.  Last year at this time, I was meeting a tiny helpless baby who was just emerging into this crazy world.  And now, I have a little girl who is gaining indepence (and opinions) every day. 


What a miracle.


Nora, thank you for making my life so unbelievably rich.  One year ago today, I was seeing you for the first time and now, I can't imagine and can barely remember my life without you.  You have allowed me to feel love deeper than I've ever known.  I am so lucky to be your mom.

I love you to pieces. 

Happy 1st birthday!


{A year of Nora photos to celebrate the day:}


And, here's the birthday girl!