On Being 30...

I turned 30 about a week ago.  In my book, that's my first milestone birthday.  In other people's books, I'm still a youngin'. Either way, 30 officially marks the first time I feel a little bit old.  I've been out of college for many more years that I was in it. I've got a kid, and a mortgage payment.  I pay attention when people talk about my taxes going up and I recently learned what an escrow is.  You see?  I'm old.

Despite all of the ways turning 30 makes me feel old, I LOVE it! With age comes lots of learning and hopefully a little bit of wisdom.  I love the people who surround me and the things I'm involved in. 

I have a good life.

And, I had a great 30th birthday weekend!  I spent the day with my, husband, daughter, parents, and grandparents.   My hubby made my very favorite chocolate turtle cake from Cafe Latte of which I ate more than my fair share.  He also bought me a beautiful new vase made by the very talented Abble Lingle.  Caribou gave me a free cup coffee - YUM.  I took a trip to Darn Knit Anyway where I stalked up on some lovely new yarn for upcoming projects.  The season premier of Downton Abbey was on.

I think 30th birthday weekends should happen more often.


So...here's to another great decade full of life, love, and wonderful things...

HELLO, Thirties!!