Photography Hiatus

I've been meaning to do one final blog post to mark the official start of my photography hiatus.  And, finally here it is -- despite the fact that I haven't been taking any photos since early September.

I am 36 weeks along...I can't believe it!  Ready or not, Baby Brother (as we fondly call him at our house) will be here before we know it.  And I can't wait.  

I haven't taken many maternity shots this time around.  (Er....I mean, I haven't forced my camera on my husband and bossed him around from in front of the lens.)  But, with the lovely fall weather in full bloom, I couldn't help but dust off my camera for a few photos today.  

(Disclaimer:  I feel a little like I'm posting a photo of myself in my underwear with this first shot of my gigantic belly.  I mean really, the last time my belly saw the light of day was probably when I owned a very modest two piece swimming suit at the age of 8.  But, I couldn't resist this idea I had...sorry.)


There. Now we never have to look at my bare belly again.  

Instead, we can look at Big Sis-to-be -- Nora!  (She is very excited to meet Baby Brother, although perhaps not fully aware of what's actually coming her way.)

I will miss taking photos over the next few months, but how can I resist soaking in as much time as I can with our little family of four?  I mean seriously -- look at these two!