Last weekend I was able to take part in the St. Croix Valley Wedding Showcase.  It was blast - I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all sorts of great people in various stages of planning their wedding.  There's a lot of love in the air, that's for sure!

Because I was so excited about the showcase, Paper Lemon Photography did some MAJOR giveaways.  If you didn't hear about them, click here to see the prizes!  It was BIG.  (CONGRATS to the lucky winners, by the way!)

In addition to those giveaways, Paper Lemon Photography is also giving away a gift to anyone who books their wedding with us before March 24th.  That's right...ANYONE...(not just the people who attended the St. Croix Showcase).  So...spread the word! 

The gift includes a choice between the following:

1 5x7 book

1 5x5 book

3 mini accordian books

All of the books are custom designed and printed on super high quality material.  They make great gifts for family, wedding party, or the bride and groom for that matter.

And, since it only seems appropriate, here are some photos of the sample books I have...

5x5 & 5x7 book fronts:


5x5 & 5x7 book backs:


5x5 & 5x7 Details:


Accordian Mini Books: (Rectangle and Square Options)


There.  Now doesn't that make you want to book a wedding with us??