Owen Benjamin: {8 days old}

I can't believe I let the better part of March slip by without a new blog post. But -- this one was worth the wait, I promise.

I had the distinct honor of doing a brief photo shoot of Owen Benjamin not too long ago.  And he is so, so, so cute.  My friends Lucia and Zach get to be his parents.  They're awfully lucky have this little guy as the newest member of their family.  What a sweet heart.  Of course, Lucia and Zach are some of the best parents in the world, so Owen is pretty lucky himself.

I have known my dear friend Lucia for the majority of my life.  We have ventured through almost every life stage together: middle school, high school, getting married, and being a parent.  What a blessing to have her as a friend. She is a wonderful mommy and I am thrilled I get to watch her sweet family grow.

Congrats on your newest addition, Zach and Lucia! 

I don't want to brag or anything, but I totally made this hat for Owen. What's cuter...the hat or Owen?  Shoot...don't answer that.