I remember 6th grade very fondly, largely due to my wonderful teacher Mrs. Betcher.  The year I was in her class, Mrs. Betcher had her first baby.  As you can imagine, the other 6th grade girls and I were over the moon with excitement over this event.  I still remember getting to hold CJ for the first time oh so many years ago.  Lucky for all of you, Mrs. Betcher still had a photo of the occasion and scanned a copy for me.  Also lucky for you, I refuse to be ashamed of my gigantic glasses, stylish bangs, and braces in this photograph.  And so, here it is...(disclaimer: You may want to spend more time looking at the really cute little baby than the awkward looking 6th grade girl...)


Approximately 18 years have passed since CJ was born.  (Yes, that makes me feel really, really old...6th grade couldn't have been that long ago!)  I had the distinct honor of taking senior photos of CJ.  He has turned out to be a wonderful and handsome young man who also happens to be a talented harp player as you will observe in these photos.  

Congrats on your senior year, CJ!  Best of luck in the future!