Something You Should Know.

I've been keeping a little secret lately and it's time to break the news the World Wide Web.  First, some hints:

  • We recently purchased a minivan.  Yes, that's right, a super uncool, bulky, but oh so practical and roomy minivan.  And the worst part?  I love it.
  • I have had an unexplained and insatiable craving for French toast on multiple occasions.
  • In the past couple of months, I have sometimes felt so tired that I think I may be fall asleep while standing up.  I tend to go to bed not long after Nora (she's 1 1/2) and take naps at the same time she does.
  • I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies the other day and didn't eat the raw dough.  This took an incredibly large amount of will power.
  • We have summer plans to redo our guest bedroom.
  • Nora has learned a new phrase which you can see pictured on her shirt below.  She repeats this phrase often with great enthusiasm.

 Did you guess the news yet?!

Baby Otte #2 is due to arrive November 16th!