Illya + Disan

Earlier this month I got to be a part of Illya and Disan's wedding at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.  And everything was gorgeous.  

Fun fact: Illya and Disan are incredibly smart people.  I believe I heard that Illya passed high school calculus at the ripe age of 12.  Both of them have their doctorate. (And yes, I just had to google the word doctorate to make sure I spelled it right...)

Aside from being a couple of geniuses, Illya and Disan have impecible taste which came through in the zillions of lovely details that formed their wedding.  Coming from Russian and Scandinavian descent, their wedding was perfect blend of different cultures, families, and backgrounds.  As you can see from the amount of photos in this blog post, I had trouble narrowing it down to just a few -- (these photos don't even include any from the ceremony or dance...geesh!)

A great big congratulations to you, Illya and Disan!  Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your day!

Illya and Disan's hilarious first meeting went as follows:

1. Groomsman accidentally leads group into the room intead of groom.

2.  Groom takes the front of the line, but is told his bowtie is crooked.

3.  Groom gets bowtie fixed.

4.  Groom successfully re-enters room and first meeting begins.

These colorful aprons made for adorable and creative bridemaid gifts. (The groomsmen throught so, too.)

Some good old fashioned Swedish humor...

It's a Russian tradition to have both sets of parents serve at witnesses for the marriage: