The Gardners

Your day is about to get a little more cute in it.  

I was able to take photos of the Gardner family about a week ago.  Man, are they adorable.  Ryan (almost 3) and Owen (about 5 months) are just about the cutest things since sliced bread.  What a great pair of brothers.  I have known both of these kiddos since they were only days old and I've known their parents for years and years. Check on these photos of Owen when he was teeny...and these photos of Ryan from a few years ago. (Please excuse the old blog format!) 

They are the type of family that make me even more excited for my own to become a family of FOUR in November. Zach and Lucia do a wonderful job with their boys and it's clear Ryan and Owen adore their parents.  Thanks for the fun photo session, Gardners!