The Beagers

The Beagers were one of the big WINNERS of the giveaway I did earlier this fall. 

I'm glad Jessica won the giveaway for several reasons:

1. She got a ton of people to like my page. (Somewhere around 20 if I'm remembering correctly!! Thanks again for that, Jessica!)

2. She and her husband are super nice.

3. She's got a very photogenic basset hound who was able to join us for photos.

3. Her 1 year old son Jack is darling

4. We met at beautiful Interstate State Park on a late afternoon when the light was just lovely.

So, all in all, this photo session was great. I'm glad I got to meet you, Beagers!

Jack is a wonderfully active little boy. Which means I saw a lot of this. Way to make me work for photos, Jack. ;)

Leaves are fun. Until you eat them.