Charlie the One Year Old.

It happened again. One year - gone in a blink. I can't believe I am mama to another 1 year old baby. (And, yes, I will still call him a baby...I refuse to accept that he might be considered a toddler now.)

When Nora turned one, I did a blog post about her first year. So, to follow suit, here's one about our little Charlie. One year ago, I was just starting to figure out the balance of being mama to two kids and was beginning to learn about the world of baby BOYS. 

Charlie Engstrom Otte, you entered this world with great amounts of enthusiasm and gusto and you continue to showcase those traits. You feel things deeply and always have. You have taught me that (although not typically advised) diapers can be changed while a baby is crawling, jumping, wiggling or walking. I am in love with your huge smile. I adore the way you watch your big sister and I love observing the relationship you two are developing. Thank you for filling our house with yelling, hammering, and squeally laughter.

I don't know how it's possible, but I love you more each day. I am so grateful you are my son. Happy 1st Birthday!!

The birthday boy!