It seems like not all that long ago that I was announcing my hiatus from photography last fall.  Life was a little on the crazy side with a baby boy on the way, and my return to full time teaching for the year.  After Charlie was born in November...life continued to be busy. (It turns out a baby and a 2 year old keep a mama on her toes!) For the last few months I've been attempting to gracefully balance working full time and my sweet family.  And let me tell you, sometimes that balance has been anything but graceful.  

As the school year winds down, I have been taking on a photo job or two and am so thrilled that summer (and more time for photos!) is just around the bend. I have a bunch of photos to post from some shoots recently, so stay tuned for more updates to the blog soon.  

In the meantime, here are some photos of my kiddos who I swear get older overnight sometimes.

A few from Easter: (There is something about Charlie in these pants that reminds me very much of my Grandpa Bob.)

Finally spring! (After such a horrible winter, I'm not sure I've ever been so happy to see warm weather!)

6 months old. (Please, please stop growing so fast.)


How on earth did I get so lucky to get these two?