And then I quit my job.

I have put off writing this blog post because it seems to make everything so official.  But, it's time to announce it.  

I quit my job. Like my real job, that has brought me lots of joy, (and a consistent paycheck!) for a long time.

For the last 9 years I have been an art teacher in the South Washington County School District. I have attempted to balance teaching...most of the time full time...and my photography business.  In the last 2.75 years, I have added my 2 children into that delicate balance.  Photography has always taken the back burner to all of this...mostly because it's had to. 

I love teaching art. My job has taught me so much about kids, and life, and myself. It has introduced me to a huge variety of really great co workers and helped me develop into a grown up professional in the real world. Teaching art has given me the ability to connect with kids in a really unique way. It has allowed me to be creative.  It has fulfilled me in many ways. 

But, it's time for a break. In my heart of hearts, I desperately want more time with my two kids. (Who, by the way, are growing up way too fast.)  And, when you say yes to one thing (like teaching), you have to say no to other things (like a photography business,  and spending time with your kids). Something had to change...for awhile anyway.  So, that led me to my decision to resign from teaching.  

As hard as it is to say good-bye to teaching for the time being, I am happy to announce that I finally have more time for my dear Paper Lemon Photography. I've never had the opportunity to be a photographer with no other career to think about.  I so glad for the chance to dedicate more time and creative energy to photography. I have the privilege of capturing lots and lots of love on my camera: love between engaged couples, brides and grooms, families, parents and children.  And it doesn't get much more fulfilling than that.

So, here's to new adventures and the ability to commit more time to my beloved photography and my nutty children. I couldn't be happier.