Lake Superior: 2015

It has become a tradition in my family to take a summer trip to the north shore. If I did my math correctly, this summer was the 6th time we've done this! The trip involves my parents, grandparents, my family of four, and a whole lot of fun.

Lake Superior is a beautiful constant.

Each time I am there, I am struck by how many hundreds of thousands of people have sat on its shores for oh so many years of history. And this time, I was struck by how much my life has changed against the backdrop of Lake Superior over the last several years. On one of our first trips up, I was pregnant with Nora. (Boy does that seem like a different lifetime!) Then, she was not even one and experiencing everything for the first time. And then, I was pregnant with Charlie and Nora was still so little. And then, Nora was a flower girl in my cousin's wedding and Charlie was still a teeny baby.  Now, I have a toddler and a (gulp) preschooler who both seem so grown up.

Lake Superior was (and is) the same through all of it. We all treasure the memories we're making at this breathtaking place.