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I feel so thankful that my job as a photographer can be used to help others by promoting causes or community events and endeavors. I think photography can be such a powerful way to bring awareness. So, I'd like to give a donation of my photography services to a non profit organization, or an organization that is doing great things for their community. This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but just haven't had the time to formulate my thoughts about it all. I'm very excited to finally take on this project!

Here are the details:

What's included in the donation?

  • Approximately 2 hours of photography services. The two hours could be used however needed. It could be head shots, documentary shots of a project or event, whatever is helpful! The donation must be used by April 2016 or so. Preferably, the chosen organization should be within a 30 minute drive of Stillwater, MN.
  • Copyright to all final edited digital images. The organization will be able to use the images on their website or any other promotional material. (Of course, giving written credit to Paper Lemon Photography is always appreciated!)

How will Paper Lemon Photography decide on an organization?

Anyone interested should submit a short blurb that answers the following questions and email it to

1. What is your organization? Tell Paper Lemon Photography a bit about what you do.

2. How would photography benefit your organization?

3. What would you want Paper Lemon Photography to take pictures of? (i.e. How would you fill the donated 2 hours of photography?)

All entries should be completed by Monday, February 8th and an organization will be chosen and notified by Tuesday, February 9th.


Please spread the word about this! And, email me with any questions. (


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