Once upon a time, my almost 4 year old daughter and I went on an adventure to Maine. And it was glorious. (Well, getting stranded in Chicago overnight due to a nasty thunderstorm and a cancelled flight was not glorious...but the rest of the trip was.)

I am lucky enough to have a dear friend who lives in Maine...which is a really good excuse to go on a trip. Our time there was far, far too short and we could have filled many more days, but we soaked in the time we had.

By the way, when you are a photographer who visits a friend who is also a photographer, and you have two exceptionally cute little girls with you, you end up with quite a few pictures. And, somehow it took me 6 months to finally sort through and edit them.  So, now that it's the middle of winter, let's all dream about summer, beautiful rainy and sunny days by the ocean, adventures with daughters, and the company of good friends.

This first set of photos if brought to you by Nora! I brought a little point and shoot camera along for her to play with. (Observations -- she may have inherited my obsession with taking pictures of feet. And, taking picture of other people taking a picture of you is fun at any age.)