Jack Isaac

This blog has been mighty quiet lately. But, my life in the background has been anything but quiet. We welcomed Jack Isaac Otte to our family on July 5th and our world has been a wonderful blur of newbornhood ever since. I finally found 2 minutes to spare to go through some photos of Jack's first month of life. And now, almost 6 weeks after our Jacky boy was born, I'm sharing them here. 

Jack -- May these photos always remind you of how much you were loved from the very beginning of your existence. We prayed for you as we prepared for you. We talked about you and wondered what you would be like. Your siblings named you BluBlu...a nickname that we still use more often than your actual name. You were born fast and furious on a stormy summer evening and our lives were changed for the better. We are so thankful you are here and are blessed beyond measure by your tiny life.