One of my favorite things about my job is it reconnects me with people I haven't seen in ages. Like Cameron's mom Megan, for instance. We went to high school together and haven't seen each other since about that time. (And, trust me, that was kind of a long time ago now! ;) )

Little Cameron is just a peach. He braved some fairly frigid fall temperatures for our photo session. And, despite the fact that we could all see our breath, he smiled...and was just generally adorable. (Check out his cute little button nose!)

Thanks for the fun session, Miller family! SO great to connect with you and meet your little guy.


The Laurents

I got to take photos at Molly and Travis' wedding 5 years ago. Just for old time's sake, let's take a look at how cute they were on their wedding day:

The good news for me is that they are both still cute. And, they have added an adorable dog named Lucy, and a perfect little boy named Finn to their family. And, I got to take pictures of them recently...aren't I lucky?

It's hard for me to think of my very favorite things about this session because there are so many. But, among the top of my list would be the flannel shirts (on an 80 degree fall day!), the enthusiastic labradoodle, and Finn's tiny little expressive duck lips.

Laurents, you make an adorable and very entertaining family. I'm so glad I got to see you again and take pictures of you. Finn is absolutely perfect.

The Petricigs

The Petricig family is one of my all time favorites. Heather and I were roommates over 10 years ago at Concordia College. (Over 10 years ago...does that make us old or what??) She and her beautiful family live in the very far off land of Grand Forks, ND where she owns her own dental practice. (1101 Dental!)

Last time I did photos of Petricigs, Emily was only a few months old. So, lots has changed since then.

I love you, Petricigs! I'm going to continue my quest of magically making the distance between Grand Forks and Stillwater shorter so we get to see you more often.


I've met lots of babies that are happy and smiley, but I'm fairly certain Joey wins the gold medal. I think I heard this little guy cry for about 3 seconds (maybe 4?) during our time together.  And, as if being so happy wasn't enough, Joey also happens to be super adorable. I mean, come on -- have you ever seen anyone look as precious in a Twins jersey and baseball hat?? (Look out, Joe Mauer, you have some serious competition here...) 

Thanks for making my job so easy, Joey. You're perfect!