Colin + Jessica

Colin and Jessica got married on a summer day in the Forest Lake area earlier this summer. And what a lovely day it was.

Between the two of them, they've got five (FIVE!) wonderful kids. They all added an extra bit of energy and life to an already love-filled day. 

Colin and Jessica are building a beautiful life together. And, I can imagine they are not often bored with their gaggle of children. Enjoy the start of your married life, you two! I'm so happy I got to be a part of your day!

Theo: {3 Months Old}

Theo is my second cousin...or is first cousin once removed? I don't know. But I'm lucky enough to be related to him and to have taking his 3 month pictures not too long ago. Lucky me!

I laughed out loud more than once at Theo's expressions while I was editing. He is old enough to know that it's out of the norm to have a stranger with a camera in face, but not quite old enough to know how to smile on demand. The good news for Theo is that he's adorable no matter what he does. And, he hands down wins the award for the longest baby yawn I've ever photographed.

You're perfect, Theo! It's so fun to watch you grow and change!


Maureen will be a senior at Minnetonka High School this fall. She is beautiful and talented. (She is good at way too many things to be listed on this blog post -- figure skating and singing among the top two.) I would happily take her picture at her lovely home any day of the week.

Congrats, Maureen! Best of luck with your senior year!

Attention Northfield!

For me, the majority of 2017 has been consumed with moving. Decluttering, listing our house, showing our house, selling our house, looking for a new house, finding a house, packing everything we own, and then finally landing in our new digs. This process took the better part of 5 months. And now, I am slowly digging my way out of our piles of moving boxes and getting settled in our new community.

Well, it's sort of a new community.

We ended up in beautiful Northfield, MN. And technically, I grew up here. But, it feels new since now I'm all grown up with a husband and 3 kids and have been gone for over 15 years. We weren't expecting our house search to take us quite this far away from the east metro, but we couldn't pass up all that Northfield has to offer. So, here we are! 

>>>Just for the record, I am still most definitely taking photos in the Twin Cities as well. Northfield really isn't that far away...I promise! <<<

To celebrate our big move being over and joining a new community...Paper Lemon Photography has two big photography deals specific to Northfield!

First off, the first person to book a summer photo session gets 50% off! (Family, newborn, senior, engagement...anything goes!)

-The discount deal includes any package, and/or any printing

-The photo session must take place in Northfield (or really close by!)

-The photo session must take place by August 15, 2017


Second, the first person to book a wedding in Northfield (or really close by) gets 40% any wedding package! That's a big discount, folks.

Spread the word, fellow Northfielders! My camera is eager to get out and explore the land of cows, colleges and contentment.

Email me! 


This is Olive.

She loves snow.

And she waited very patiently for a day to finally arrive where there was enough snow in which to do her senior photos. (Who'da thunk finding snow in Minnesota in winter would be so hard??)

Lucky for us, the most perfect snowy morning arrived not too long ago and I think it was well worth the wait. Thanks for inviting me to trudge through the snow to take photos of you, Olive! Best of luck with the remainder of your senior year.

February: Sharing the Love!

February. It's still cold. It's still dark and gray. BUT>>>we are getting closer to warmth, sunshine, and green grass.

It's become tradition for me to do some sort of wedding giveaway in February. (It is the month containing Valentine's Day, after all!)  This year, instead of one big giveaway, I decided to share the love. ANYONE who books between now and the end of the month gets a 20% discount on any wedding package. 

Email me for more details on pricing and availability!

Laurie + Dustin

Laurie and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to high school...middle school even. I have all sorts of memories with her of girls' movie nights involving chick flicks, and lots and lots of cookie dough. So, it was an extra special honor all these years later to get to photograph her wedding. 

Laurie and Dustin make a perfect pair. Their wedding was chock full of huge smiles due to all the happiness floating around. 

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of all the fun, Laurie and Dustin. All the best as you start married life!

Jon + Juliet

This wedding may just be the first time I can say I've known the groom for his entire life. I am one of Jon's (older and wiser) cousins. And, I was thrilled to be able to able to take pictures of his wedding day. And, even more thrilled that the wedding made Juliet (more officially) my cousin, too.

Jon and Juliet have spent most of their time in recent years in places such as California, Nevada and The Caribbean (You know...doing exciting things like mountain climbing and living on their own sailboat...) So, we were all lucky that they came back to their home state of Minnesota to tie the knot.

They got married in Duluth's beautiful rose garden overlooking Lake Superior. Their wedding was my first time back at work after having Jack in July which meant my husband, Brandon, followed us around with the baby while we took photos. (Sidenote: Jack behaved beautifully except pooping through his wedding outfit and all over Brandon's nice shirt and tie. Whoops.)

Congratulations once again, Jon and Juliet! Your wedding was fantastic.  I was honored to be a part of all the fun. I will gladly take pictures of you on the shores of Lake Superior, or anywhere else in the world that matter, ANYTIME you want. 


Fall Mini Sessions

I will be offering a limited amount of mini sessions in early October! Hooray!

The info:

When and Where?

Saturday, October 1st

Valley View Park - Stillwater, MN

-In case of bad weather, mini sessions will take place October 2nd. If there's bad weather on October 2nd, mini sessions will likely just be cancelled. 


How much and what do you get?


30 minute session

15 digital images

+Choice of 3 mini accordion books, 1 5x5 or 5x7 wood print, or 5 additional digital images


Available Times:

2:00 - taken!

2:40 - taken!

3:20 - taken!

4:00 - taken!

5:00 - 



Contact with questions or to reserve your spot! A $100 non refundable deposit is required to officially book a spot. (If minis are cancelled due to weather, all money will be refunded!)


Jack Isaac

This blog has been mighty quiet lately. But, my life in the background has been anything but quiet. We welcomed Jack Isaac Otte to our family on July 5th and our world has been a wonderful blur of newbornhood ever since. I finally found 2 minutes to spare to go through some photos of Jack's first month of life. And now, almost 6 weeks after our Jacky boy was born, I'm sharing them here. 

Jack -- May these photos always remind you of how much you were loved from the very beginning of your existence. We prayed for you as we prepared for you. We talked about you and wondered what you would be like. Your siblings named you BluBlu...a nickname that we still use more often than your actual name. You were born fast and furious on a stormy summer evening and our lives were changed for the better. We are so thankful you are here and are blessed beyond measure by your tiny life.

Laura + Tim

Pardon me while I post 4,000 photos of Laura and Tim's beautiful wedding day. 

I loved being a part of this wedding at the Historic Courthouse in Stillwater. I loved getting to know Laura, Tim and their family. I loved the beautiful details that these two added to the day. And, most of all, I loved how happy everyone was. What a treat to photograph this day.

Congrats, Laura and Tim!

Oh, and my giant baby bump and I thank you for putting up with all of my waddling as I took photos at your wedding. 

The Dittrichs

I could go on and on about how much I adore this family. But, for now, I'll just go on and on about how perfect their newest member Brinnley is. And, how beautiful all THREE of their children are. And, what wonderful parents Sam and Christina are. And, how much my kids love their kids. And...don't even get me started on how cute Theo the dog is.

It was a treat to take pictures of these 5 to celebrate Brinnley Grace joining the world. I love you, Dittrichs!